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Reliv ReversAge Testimonials

I have been on the ReversAge product for about three months now. During the last checkup I had with the Dentist my gums were measured for recession. Each year they have been receding.He has been warning me about this problem. This year there has been a change. In their measurements there is about a 10% improvement. The gap is getting smaller between my gum and my teeth. The recession process has reversed! How this happened with ReversAge I'll never figure out, because gums usually remain or get worse. So for me that is pretty exciting. It must be assisting in the restoration of my body in areas I don't even understand.

—Del Critchley

Since starting on ReversAge my husband and I are both sleeping better and have more energy. Joe has lost an inch around his waist while gaining 8 pounds. He has noticeably more strength and endurance. He is currently playing basketball several times a week with guys who are 20 years younger than him and they want to know what his secret is!

—Joanne Pettit, Spokane, WA

I had been home trying to recuperate from stress and I was having trouble with my memory. After two weeks, I did not see any improvement and was worried that I would not be ready to go back to work. Then I decided to start ReverseAge and I must say, within three days,I saw some 95% improvement. I was able to go back to work as scheduled and I look forward to a complete recovery.

During my illness I lost alot of hair. I am noticing hair growth and original color coming back.

Oh, yes! I notice I dream now. For the longest time I was not dreaming. Nice, I like it.

—Clara M. Lara, Salinas, CA

I started on ReversAge June 1 and began to get immediate results with weight and inch loss. I have now lost 15 pounds. I needed to lose at least 30 pounds and am thrilled to have lost half of that in just two months. I have tried for ten years and couldn't lose 5 pounds! ReversAge has just wiped out my cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. I don't feel hungry or deprived of special foods. I have also noticed some wrinkles around my eyes are diminishing and improvement with toning all over my body! I am THRILLED WITH REVERSAGE!

—Pat Nelson, Ridgecrest, CA

I am sleeping deeper and better than I have in a long, long time. I wake totally refreshed with more energy and strength (I am walking farther each day and lifting weighs.) I have lost 14 pounds since I started on this product. I don't get hungry and I feel totally repulsed by unheathy food. I crave healthy foods. The skin all over my body is better - tighter. It is awesome! I am 51 this year...this came just in the nick of time!

—Susan Silver

I just have to share my health results with ReversAge since taking this new incredible product brings me back to the time I first started on the basic nutrition. The results were immediate and quite pronounced.

Over four years ago, I stopped sleeping on my side, my favorite sleeping position, because of the pain caused by pressure on my hips and lower back.

I've been sleeping on my back and have minimized mobility during sleep to avoid that lingering back and hip pain. There's always that stiffness in my lower back area that accompanies me upon waking up in the morning.

Two weeks on ReversAge and I started sleeping on my side again. Heck, I was sleeping any which way I want with no pain, no pressure, no stiffness. I can now kneel for a long time while praying, bend constantly while giving my toddler a bath in the tub, walk for 2.5 miles, tend to my garden, all with no back or any kind of pain afterwards.

What a HUGE difference it has been with no back pains whatsoever. Plus more energy and stamina, better sleep, definitely!

—Isabel Briones

Since my heart transplant, the anti-rejection medications have prevented me from successfully losing weight and left me "puffy". Since I started ReversAge, I have lost 25 pounds without changing anything else.

—Tom Dykema, Grand Rapids, MI

I would love to share my story with the world. I am 36 years old and have been in menapause for 10 years due to an autoimmune disorder. I have been on Classic, Innergize for 3+ years and have also added the SoySentials. Since adding the ReversAge to my life I have found that I wake up more rested, have phominal energy and it has helped my "married life" if you get what I mean!Anyone in menapause can relate to that! I have such exhuberance in my well being that I am able to increase my walking to offset the osteoporosis and I know that I have significantly slowed my aging process by the way I feel now. Also, being a nurse, I am impressed with the formulation.

—Ginny Strootman

I am so excited about my great results with our new product ReversAge. I'm seeing stronger leg muscles; my osteoporosis and scoliosis in my shoulders has improved I feel like I am walking taller and straighter; waking-up…it's like BING and I'm awake; the last 10% of my acid reflux has almost entirely disappeared; I have not had to take any medication for my CANDIDA since being on the ReversAge; my eye sight has improved; losing inches – two inches in my waist; my blood sugar is more level I'm not as hungry and I'm looking younger.

But greatest of all the results so far has been with my periodontal gum disease. It has almost entirely come back to health in two weeks after struggling for three years (one year very severe). My dentist and hygienist are just amazed. This really excites me! I can hardly wait for the days and weeks to go by to see how great I'm going to feel.

—Joan Jensen, Grand Rapids, MI

My mother does not dye her hair. She has been fortunate because only one fourth of her hair seems to be gray. Since using the ReversAge her hair has begun to turn back to her original color (a deep auburn). This has been quite a noticeable change in the last week or so. In fact, it was her grandchildren that noticed first. This is definitely going to take some years off her appearance!

—Laurie Sundburg, Monroe, MI

I have been sleeping much better since starting on ReversAge. I have also noticed a decrease in my appetite and have lost weight.

—Maggie Rexford, Mauldin, SC

My skin has already improved; I have more energy, better mental attitude and have added another two hours to my day! I feel great!

—Lori Johnson, Simpsonville, SC

I lost 10 pounds in three weeks after starting Reliv ReversAge. I'm no longer tempted by junk food and I actually crave healthy foods.

—Susan Silver, Suwanee, GA

My 82-year-old father is playing golf again after a four-year lay-off. A few weeks on ReversAge made the difference.

—Bob Edmonds, Atlanta, GA

Since taking ReversAge I've experienced a sense of calmness, am sleeping better and have awakened with alertness not present before. I like it!

—Raydell Tedder, Simpsonvillle, SC

I am feeling more energy (Shirley)! We are excited about the long-term benefits of this product!

—Mike & Shirley Michelozzi, Kalamazoo, MI

Since I started ReversAge 4 weeks ago, I have lost 2 1/2 lbs, I sleep like a boulder, I need an hour less sleep every night and I’m in a better mood and more patient with my kids!

—Juli Ferrante, South Florida

I do sleep a lot better. When I do wake during the night I go right back to sleep. That wasn't the case prior to the ReversAge.

—Sandy Hamilton, Easley, SC

My husband and I started taking ReversAge almost three weeks ago. We noticed right away that we are sleeping much better through the night…it's a much deeper sleep…and waking up more refreshed in the morning! We have also noticed there's more energy and motivation with an increased ability to handle daily stresses. I can't wait to see what will improve after six months!

—Michael and Cindie Duffy, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Blair and I started on ReversAge on May 24th. During the first few days, we both commented about how much better we were sleeping. I have experienced a deeper more restful sleep. I'm dreaming lots more although some of my dreams have been pretty weird. Today I noticed that I was humming and singing. This is something I don't normally do and probably have not done in years—I'm not a singer; I don't sing in the choir at church—what I really do is "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" rather than sing. But since ReversAge I am actually singing and humming and I am really looking forward to the next few months to see what else happens.

I almost forgot - I had been walking on a treadmill and had gotten up to 1 3/4 to 2 miles but recently had gotten out of the habit. Now I am back to walking more regularly and when I walk, it's like I just want to keep going (like the Energizer Bunny). I have worked my way back up to a 1 and 1/4 mile and this morning I just couldn't stop until I reached 1 3/4 miles. This stuff is great!

—Harriett & Blair Whitney, Greenville, SC

After Reliv Classic took care of the pain, fatigue and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis and acid reflex there just wasn't much left. ReversAge has filled in the blanks, with lots of energy, stamina, great restful sleep and soaring libido! I have been taking ReversAge for only three weeks! I'm 41 years old and already feel 20 again; I can't wait to see what else this stuff does! People are already saying I look younger, but I think it's my state of mind! I feel younger and it shows.

—Peggy Somerville, Oklahoma

My sister-in-law had been having 3 to 4 hot flashes a day. Since her very first evening shake she has not had any hot flashes.

—Renee Pence, White Lake, MI

I started on ReversAge on May 22nd. Within a week I noticed I was dreaming a lot and sleeping very soundly. After two weeks, I noticed the loose skin on the backs of my arms firming up without exercise. That was pretty much it until this past week.

On Sunday, I found myself holding the hymnbook at a normal distance from my eyes, yet I could read the words without my reading glasses with very minimal blurring.

We went away for three days to the beach, during which time I pigged out on all the "wrong" foods (you know: fudge, cake, fudge, chocolate waffles, fudge, and donuts). I walked a little more than usual (usual is around my house) but I skipped the Ultrim-Plus lunch I've been having on weekdays since February. With fear and trepidation, I stepped on the scale today and I had lost three pounds! I think my metabolism is reverting to the way it was five years ago. I have more pep and stamina and am looking forward to other surprises the longer I'm on ReversAge.

—Donna Webster, Berlin, NJ

My name is Laverne McPheron and I am 62 years old. I have been suffering from osteoarthritis of the spine, hips, knees, and feet. I had a knee replacement about three and a half years ago. I had gotten to the point, that I was absolutely sick and tired, of BEING sick and tired! I wondered what life had in store for me. I was introduced to Reliv in May of this year. I started taking Reliv Innergize and Classic that night. I became a distributor the next night. A few days later, I started taking Reliv ArthAffect, and FibRestore. Right away, I could feel a difference. I wasn't as tired, and much of my pains were beginning to ease. When ReversAge was introduced, naturally I started taking that as soon as I could get it ordered. I can definitely feel a wonderful change. I know that I will keep improving, Healthwise and Moneywise. I never want to be without RELIV.

—Laverne McPheron, Greenville, SC

I am sleeping so deep and sound and having dreams that I remember. I have better muscle tone, (I work out 3-4 times a week). When I do my 3-4 mile walk I now feel like running and I really don't like to run…and 2 nights last week I got out the jump rope and really worked up a sweat. I felt so energized! Also noticing my skin tone is more even, and the dark circles under my eyes are lightening up. And my skin feels softer. It just keeps getting better and better.

—Janet Reed, Traverse City, MI

I am 70 years old. Three weeks ago. I began using Reliv ReversAge, and I have noticed some really marked improvements. My energy and stamina have increased, and I am now doing water aerobics five hours a week, and walking two hours. I am also adding two hours of weight training, so that I can compete in Senior Sports with my husband, doing discus and shot put. I’m going to GO FOR THE GOLD! ! !

—Jane MacCallum, Travelers Rest, SC

I started taking ReversAge as soon as it was released. I recently had Gall Bladder surgery, the easy way, but nonetheless I was in surgery at 11 am and I was in the car coming home at 4 pm. I feel I recovered very quickly even going to a three-day convention four days after my surgery. It has been a little over two weeks since my surgery and I have been sleeping very deeply at night waking up refreshed every morning. Everyone who sees me can't believe I am doing so well.

—Renee Pence, White Lake, MI

Depression and I have gone hand in hand since I hit puberty. I've battled eating disorders because of it and just a general dark cloud over life since then. I started taking ReversAge on a Monday, May 28. By Thursday, I noticed being able to get up in the morning easier and moving better throughout the day. That was a welcome change, because for about 2 ˝ years, I've had no interest in sleeping.

Mornings have not been a refreshing thing to experience. By June 12, I noticed having an exceptionally good day, and that night, sleeping the whole night through. This kept up and has kept up since then. I haven't felt this good for 29 years. The brown haze has lifted and life has meaning to just soak it up and "marinate", just for the feeling of it. Before, lack of sleep meant lack of feeling. Now, I can't stay awake at night. And I'm enjoying that feeling, too! I'm having no trouble singing ReversAge praises to friends and family.

—Rachel Alexander, Warsaw, IN

I have been taking the Reliv ReversAge for six weeks. My family has stopped commenting on my stomach bulge because it is going away. More important to me is that my intolerance to gluten is getting less. Last Saturday for the first time in two years, I was able to enjoy one of my wife's fresh homemade cinnamon rolls.

—Gene Kooi, Michigan

My wife and I LOVE ReversAge. My wife was stopped by seven people the other night asking her who her personal trainer was. It's interesting to note that she doesn't have one....she simply takes ReversAge and says her skin is already becoming tighter. My daughter has even commented that my wife and I don't look as tired and worn out. Needless to say, we are very excited about ReversAge!

—Rick Orr, Greer, South Carolina

I have been taking the ReversAge for 2 weeks now, and didn't think there was any difference yet. Then while I was at a stop light today I was looking at my right thumb, and I could not believe it! For about 4 years, I have had a fungus of some kind, under my thumbnail. It has looked awful, and I have been very embarrassed by it! All black & brown - yuk!

After 8-10 visits to the doctor at $75 per visit and many kinds of over the counter meds that did not work, and 3 or 4 prescriptions for about $75, nothing worked! At my last doctor visit, he said that if it had not gone away by the next visit, he would have to do surgery & remove the whole nail and maybe the nailbed!

I have rescheduled the next doctor visit several times, fearing what was coming. Today when I looked at my nail it was a normal color, and is growing in like a normal nail! I couldn't figure out what happened, then I realized the only thing I was doing different is the ReversAge! I got to thinking that I used to wake up several times a night with the circulation cut off in my arms, from the shoulder down, and my arms hurting something awful! And I have not had that happen in the last week either! It has GOT to be the ReversAge! Wow! I'm Impressed!

—Susan, Texas