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Reliv Testimonials

Check out what these people are saying about the Reliv Business Opportunity...

New Bronze Ambassadors Left the Rat Race Behind
Pat and Ray Cebulski of Grand Rapids, MI, were not looking to add anything to their already full lives. Pat was a respected Human Resources Director and Ray owned his own successful business. Life was good. And yet, just a few months after trying her first Relėv products, Pat walked away from her prestigious corporate job. "I went to a national conference and saw Relėv, the company," Pat explains. "The quality of the people. The passion for what they're doing. The leadership. That was it!"
The month Pat committed to Relėv full time, her generation royalty check was just $147. Exactly one year later, "my generation royalty check was $9,100 and my monthly income was $11,000! It's never gone below that," she says. And after just 1 ― years in the business, Pat and Ray made a life-changing decision together: Ray would join Pat full time. "Ray was so supportive of me right from the start," Pat says, "and it felt great to reach an income level where I could offer him the opportunity to leave the rat race behind. How many wives can give their husbands that gift?"
Working together, Pat and Ray have achieved the coveted Bronze Ambassador position and have set their sights even higher. "We're going to keep growing this business by staying focused on the basics," Pat says enthusiastically. "We're going to keep talking to people and sharing the company and the products. We're going to keep working with our organization to mentor and teach them. It's as simple as that. When you stay focused on the basics, you'll achieve all your dreams."

Kitchen Table Career Supports Family of 5
Jan Kingston of Carson, WA, first heard about Relėv products on a radio program. "They sounded too good to be true," she recalls. "I thought, 'What if these products really do work and I don't grab the chance?' So I decided to check them out." At the time, Jan thought she was a healthy person. 'I didn't realize how unhealthy I was until I started feeling better," she says. " Just a couple of weeks on Relėv ClassicŪ nutritional supplement and Relėv InnergizeŪ sports drink made a dramatic difference in my daily life as a wife and a mother of three small children."
In January, Jan's husband was diagnosed with cancer and he has since been unable to work. "Thanks to Relėv, I can stay home to be with my kids and my husband and I can support them all from my kitchen table," Jan says. Jan became a Key Director, Pool 1 bonus winner and Jump Start bonus winner "without having a clue about what I was doing!" she laughs. "Just listen to your upline and do exactly what they say. Put your upline to work for you by getting people in front of them. They want to help you."

Sharing A New Lifestyle
“As a mother of a handicapped son who needed 24-hour care, I’d never been able to go out to work,” explains Master Director Lorna Barry of Katunga, Victoria. “However, with our Relėv business, I’m able to earn an income that works in well with the family commitment of staying at home.” Lorna and husband Kevin owned a dairy farm which they worked for 30 years.
At first, it was the products that attracted them to Relėv as they both enjoyed great results with Relėv Ultrim PlusŪ nutritional meal replacement and Relėv NowŪ nutritional supplement. But it wasn’t long before they realized the Relėv business would be a great way to supplement their farm income. “On our dairy farm, even if we worked longer hours, we couldn’t make any more money,” Lorna says. “But with Relėv, the harder you work, the more you’re rewarded with income.” Earlier this year, Kevin and Lorna realised their dream when they sold their dairy farm, built a new home on 100 acres and bought a Fairlane Ghia car.
“We’d been supplying milk to a factory for 30 years. When we sold our business, we didn’t even get a ‘thank you’, let alone anything like a bonus,” Lorna says. “On top of our Relėv income, we’ve earned many cash bonuses and several trips — the latest to beautiful Bali, our first trip overseas. “This is what we call lifestyle,” Lorna continues. “We have the time to do the things we want to do and we’re working at what we love doing, from our home — together.”

"Walk-Away" Income Means Security - for Life
When Bronze Ambassador Quila Buhler, of Portland, OR, discovered Relėv seven years ago, she was doing what a lot of working parents do: burning the candle at both ends. "I was up at 4:30 every morning and didn't lay down again until midnight or 1:00 the next morning. It was catching up with me," Quila says, describing the toll ten years working in the corporate world had taken on her before she started using Relėv products and getting fantastic results.
But for Quila and her husband, Jim, attending a Relėv conference convinced them to take the business end of Relėv as seriously as they took its products. "We saw a company that really had our best interests at heart," Quila says. Today, Quila runs a multi-million dollar international business from her home and still has plenty of time for her two daughters, ages 10 and 12. Plus, she's gained the kind of security she never had in the corporate world.
"I could stop working today and my kids would never have to work a day in their lives," says Quila, adding Jim plans to retire early and join her full-time in Relėv.
"If people would work as hard for themselves as they do for someone else, there are absolutely no limitations with Relėv," she says.

Fun & Money for Retirement
Enthusiasm, drive and commitment are characteristics May Copland has always had in great supply. But it wasn’t until 1992 that she was able to find the perfect way to focus her energies. That’s when May, now a Senior Director from Auckland, became a pioneering member of Relėv in New Zealand. “I didn’t realise at the time that I had the opportunity to help other people have the lifestyle I am creating for myself now,” May says. “I was concerned about what happens to us as we approach retirement — a freehold house and no income, was my picture. .
I now have four rental properties and a goal of having 30. I’m able to take my grandchildren anywhere in the world they want to go.” That’s a big plus for May who loves to travel. “I’m so excited to be part of this fantastic international company,” she adds. “I want to be in the middle of the action, living and working alongside people from other countries, helping them fulfill their dreams, and getting paid for it as well.” On the way to achieving her plan for retirement, May is having plenty of fun, spreading the Relėv word with her infectious enthusiasm, drive and commitment.

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