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Reliv Testimonials

Check out what these people are saying about the Reliv Business Opportunity...

When the Going Gets Tough
“I was in debt, going to the Salvation Army for food relief parcels and at the end of my tether,” says Karee Davies. Raising her two sons Dane 11, and Chase 7, was proving tough for this solo mother from Auckland, New Zealand. “I was feeling frustrated and sad. There was a real possibility that Dane would miss his school camp, which cost $140,” Karee says. “This may not sound like much. However, when you are in debt, this amount may as well be $1400.” Karee met up with a friend, May Copland, who helped her begin her Relėv business and earn an income. “The biggest thrill was sending Dane to camp. Every child deserves to be with his schoolmates at camp and I just didn’t think it was going to be possible,” Karee says. “I thought Dane’s 11th birthday was going to
be a non-event, too, but I could afford presents and a party so that turned out to be a happy family time, as well. “If I can do this business anyone can. I work my own hours, I don’t pay childcare, I have fun and meet new people. It’s given me a new life and I now have a future to look forward to again.”

This Mom Is Pumping Up
Along with her body, Lorri Elder's business is getting pumped up. Lorri and her husband, Marc, recently became Master Directors. "The most important thing we've done is use the system," Lorri advises. "Then we encourage our Distributors to be teachable and follow what our successful upline --- the Cebulskis, Formsmas, Wolfs and Felgers --- have achieved". Lorri replaced her income as a teacher after just 16 months with Relėv. For the past 18 months, she has been full-time with Relėv and became an Ambassador in May. "Saying I work full-time is
a little misleading because I only work 15 to 20 hours a week with Relėv," says the mother of two. "I really love the flexibility and lifestyle Relėv affords me. I start the day by taking my 5-year-old to school, and then head to the gym with my 2-year-old. What other full-time job allows you to do that"? Lorri and Marc have set their sites on becoming Presidential Directors. "With each step, we keep getting bigger eyes for what these products and great oppotunity are doing for people," Lorri says. "We feel so blessed to be a part of it."

It Can Happen To You
New Platinum Ambassadors Joe and Carol Felger are spreading the word about success with Relėv: work hard and believe it can happen to you. "I love the incentives of this business," Carol says. "The way we progress is by helping others achieve their goals. Our biggest kick is to see one more person reach Ambassador". Before they began in the Relėv business six years ago, Joe and Carol's careers were unfulfilling and took them in different directions. "We had given up hope of finding the freedom we craved. Then we discovered Relėv," Carol says. "It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was going with or without us. It's been a huge
adventure". The Felgers worked closely with their sponsor, Pat Rodgers, to learn the proper way to share the product and the opportunity. While working the business part-time, they saw success quickly. After 16 months in the business, the couple's Generation Royalty checks were $8,000 a month. Today, their monthly income is a very comfortable $42,000. "Relėv is not a 'get rich quick' business," Joe says. "But if you treat Relėv like any other job, have a good work ethic, and are teachable, then Relėv can set you free. If it can happen to us, it can happen to you!

It All Starts With Belief in the Products
Steve Guerra of West Palm Beach, FL, was looking for a network marketing business. After evaluating about 25 companies and trying out more than a few, Steve came across a Relėv prospecting card which landed on his doorstep. Upon hearing the facts, Steve began using the products with "tremendous results." Next, Steve asked his friends and co-workers to help him evaluate the company. "I'd say: 'I'm doing a survey. I'd like for you to try this product. You won't believe
what it's done for me, and I'd share my story. If it works for you I want to make a business of it. I'd really like you to tell me your honest results in 30 days." Using these words and his enthusiasm, Steve steadily built his customer base and began sponsoring. His wife Maritza, who was initially reluctant to support Steve's new endeavor, soon realized that Relėv products were changing people's lives. Today, Steve and Maritza are Key Directors and Jump Start bonus winners. "The reason the business works so well is the product backs us up," Steve says. "If you take it right, it will do its job. That's why we're very strict about using the customer follow-up schedule the company has outlined. If you get one person on the product who has great results, you'll soon be serving that person's entire family."

Young Millionaire
At the tender age of 23, Michelle Hembree of Atlanta, GA, already knew what she wanted out of life. She was working as a nurse, but dreamed of owning her own business. "I watched my father go to work for 50 years in Corporate America and then get booted out with nothing to show for it," Michelle says. "That wasn't going to happen to me." Michelle had already researched 17 network marketing companies when a friend told her about Reliv.
"When my dad got life-changing results, I knew this was it," she says. She made $1,500 her first month working part time. Michelle then decided to go full time and made $60,000 her first year --- three times her nurse's salary. The year she turned 25, Michelle earned $100,000. "Now, I'm 30 years old and I've made over a million dollars through Relėv," Michelle says. "I'm a Bronze Ambassador and I'm travelling the world. I have the freedom to take a vacation whenever I want and to spend lots of time with my family. I'm living the life most 30-year-olds only dream of."

!Bienvenidos a Relėv!
For years, Martha Jensen worked in the direct sales industry as a top-level corporate sales manager. She spent three weeks out of every four in the field, training, counseling and helping to build organizations for other people. But with two young sons and her devoted husband, Lee, at home, Martha knew it was time to take the plunge and begin building something for herself. "In my last job, I didn't see much of my family. I wanted to find something that would give me the time and flexibility to be with them. And I wanted to live the American Dream," says
the Mexican native who emigrated to the US 6 years ago. Of all the network marketing companies she could have selected, Martha chose Relėv. "The compensation plan is very generous, the products are wonderful," says the Key Director. "I saw great potential with Relėv --- I knew here I could achieve everything I wanted." That includes introducing Relėv into the US Hispanic community. "There are 29.5 million Hispanic people in the US who represent an economic impact of $200 billion --- and we've barely penetrated the market," she says. Martha hopes to change that with the introduction of two Spanish-language systems in California. One is located in Rohnert Park, the other in San Francisco. "We are working very closely with our Distributors to show them that they can develop a business around their family needs," Martha says. "And that they can begin making money from the very start."