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Reliv Testimonials

Check out what these people are saying about what Reliv did for them...

Spreading the Excitement
Dorothy Leeds of Grant, FL, says her enthusiasm stems from her own remarkable experience with Relėv products. A string of misfortunes in 1995 literally left Dorothy at death's door. Dealing with the grief of losing her spouse, Dorothy's stress level was exacerbated by a car accident as well as painful carpal tunnel syndrome. To top it off, a burst appendix destroyed her immune system and left Dorothy housebound for two months. "I began to look really bad," she recalls. "My skin turned gray, and my friends didn't think I was going to make it.
I had a lot of people praying for me." Those prayers were answered through the kindness of Dorothy's sister, Relėv Distributor Noreen Perrin, along with Noreen's son, Bill, and his wife, Patty. "They introduced me to Relėv products, and it saved my life," Dorothy says. Today, this 75-year-old looks and feels terrific, and she enjoys spreading the word about Relėv. "I tell everybody I know about it, especially when I run into people and they begin telling me their problems," Dorothy says. "I thank God for the wisdom to get on Relėv, and I want everyone else to know about it, too."

Asthma Sufferer Finally Breathes Free
Sue Lippens of Atkinson, NH, suffered for 12 years with asthma and was dependent on inhalers, medication and steroids. Her asthma was so bad that she was hospitalized several times and her condition was getting progressively worse. Sue had the scare of her life when a serious asthma attack landed her in the hospital for five days before she was stabilized.
“That is when I decided I had better take my health into my own hands,” Sue says. Fortunately, someone introduced her to Relėv and she began taking Relėv NowŪ nutritional supplement. Sue saw results immediately and within five weeks was able to put away her inhaler. Now she is living free of asthma symptoms. Sue says, “I have done nothing different in my life other than add this total balanced nutrition to my body and I feel terrific.” Besides eliminating her medicines, Sue also developed a better sleep pattern. Consequently, she’s been able to return to her active lifestyle, including being a mom to two busy girls. Sue sums it up this way, “These products have given me a quality of life that I didn’t think I could enjoy again, and they will always be a part of my life.”

A Pain-Free Family
The Lockwood family of Millville, MA, has experienced its share of health problems. Twelve years ago, John, a supervisor at a local hospital, developed psoriatic arthritis that progressively worsened, leaving him nearly unable to walk by early 1997. He was taking painkillers just to keep him functional, but he remained in a lot of pain. Then a friend introduced his wife, Diane, to Relėv. “I told her to expect the products back for a refund,” Diane says, thinking that if doctors had not been able to help John, Relėv couldn’t either. But, after three weeks of taking Relėv ArthaffectŪ nutritional supplement,
John went off his medication and has been pain free for almost two years. Diane enjoyed remarkable results as well. After three months on the Relėv products, her adult acne cleared up and she no longer suffered from episodes of irritable bowel syndrome or depression. Relėv was also the answer to daughter Erin’s vomiting disorder. Her parents put her on Relėv ClassicŪ, Relėv Innergize!Ū and Relėv FibRestoreŪ nutritional supplements to control the condition and she is now symptom-free. Even the Lockwood’s 13-year-old son, who had experienced migraines since he was two, no longer suffers thanks to Relėv. Wishing he didn’t have to go to school one day, he summed it up by saying, “I’ll never get sick if I keep using Relėv!”

Mom Gets Life Back
Kenny and Patti Roberts of Gilbert, AZ, were at a breaking point in their lives at the end of August 1997. After suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 10 years, Patti's health continued to fail and expenses climbed. "We were desperate," Kenny says. "And because our finances were tight, Relėv's money-back guarantee promised we had nothing to lose."
Fortunately, the results came rapidly for Patti. "Within four weeks of using Relėv ArthaffectŪ nutritional supplement, I discarded my cane and took my kids to their first day of school," Patti says. "I hadn't been able to do that for years." "I went from waking up with screaming pain throughout my body and sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day, to accompanying my children on a fishing field trip," she remarks.

Prescription: Surgery or Relėv?
Eight months ago, 30-year-old John Merkey of Cheney, WA, developed severe stomach pain. After two trips to the emergency room, a CAT scan and visits with several specialists, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him. “We had incurred over $2,000 in medical bills and I was still feeling awful. Every time I ate or drank, I experienced acid indigestion and heartburn,” John explains. “The doctors began discussing exploratory surgery as a logical next step.” Then, five months ago, his wife, Sheri, learned about Relėv. One month after starting Relėv ClassicŪ and Relėv Innergize!Ū nutritional supplements, “My pain went away completely,” John says.
“I never pursued the surgery and I only have problems now when I miss a shake.” Sheri has also experienced relief from her asthma, thanks to Relėv, and no longer uses her inhalers.

For Mirbels, It's Relėv --- Body and Soul
As pastor of two churches in Paindsville, OH, the Rev. Gerard Mirbel spends his days ministering to others. So it's no surprise that he and his wife, Jacqueline, find Relėv a natural fit for their lifestyle. "We really love being able to help people with Relėv," Jacqueline says. "I thank God for Dr. Ted nourishing the world with these products ." Before helping others, however, the Mirbels started by helping themselves. After surgery and chemotherapy in 1994, Jacqueline was free of colon cancer but plagued with a host of other symptoms. "My immune system was shot, I had sinus infections, chronic fatigue and severe gum inflammation,"
The Mirbels both suffered from migraines --- Jacqueline for 32 years and Gerard for 15 --- and Gerard lived with chest and back pain. Since the Mirbels began using Relėv late last year, their symptoms have disappeared. "My faith in God saves my soul, and Relėv saves my body," Gerard says.