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He says Relėv Saved His Life
Three years ago, Chuck Nolan of Phoenix, AZ, faced a grim prognosis. “I was one step away from the glue factory,” he remembers. “I knew it to be true, and so did my doctor. ”Chuck suffered from a multitude of health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. He’d sustained five strokes within seven years. The nerves in his legs had deadened, rendering him completely numb from his knees to his feet. Severe arthritis crippled his hands. Under the daily care of a nurse, Chuck was undergoing kidney dialysis and taking over 40 pills per day. “I wanted to lie down and die,” he recalls. Then Chuck heard about
Relėv. “I had nothing to lose,” he says, “so I called the phone number.” After four months on Relėv, Chuck was able to throw away all his medication. Today, his symptoms and numbness are gone and his “numbers” are within the ideal range. No longer requiring dialysis treatments, he visits his doctor just once per year for his annual exam. Chuck never tires of sharing his story. “Before Relėv, I would’ve given anything for just three healthy years of life,” Chuck says. “Now I’m looking forward to the next 30!”

Linda Edmond Rediscovers Life. Life for Linda Edmond of Booneville, MS would have been tragically different if she hadn't found Relėv two years ago. "I was a walking dead woman for fifteen years," recalls Linda. "I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis , Lupus, and diabetes. There were many days when I could not dress or feed myself." Then her pastor's wife, Relėv Key Director Virginia Miller, told her about Relėv Classic and Relėv Innergize!. Out of desperation, Linda agreed to try the products for one
month. "In just one week I could feel life coming back into my body, with less pain and stiffness. After two weeks I felt totally renewed!" Linda says. In addition to her pain relief, Linda also shed the extra 50 pounds she'd gained over the years because of the medications she was forced to take for her existing health conditions. Today, Linda, her husband Douglas, and their four children enjoy a new life together. "Through Relėv, God has given me back my life - a new life full of love, health and His work."

Great Results Turn Skeptic Into Believer
Nurse Marie Kancer of Ancaster, Ontario, wasn’t a believer — at first. Marie had suffered from anemia off and on since childhood. In 1997, she’d been on a high dose of iron supplements for more than two years, but she still felt tired all the time. When she ran out of iron supplements at one point, she was skeptical but gave Relėv NowŽ nutritional supplement a try, even though it contained only a quarter of the iron she had been taking. She noticed a significant increase in energy and found herself sleeping more soundly in a matter of a few weeks. Marie and her doctor were amazed at her next appointment to find that her hemoglobin was at its highest level in more than
two years. She started going to Relėv meetings and listening to other people’s positive health stories. But her skepticism lingered. She went off Relėv Now for a week, and the fatigue returned. “It can’t possibly be this product,” she thought. But she started taking it again, and her energy returned.
“It was a real answer to prayers — I learned that I could have good health,” Marie says.

Living Younger and Healthier with Relėv
When Audrey Johnson visited her daughter, Wendy Berg, in San Diego, she was concerned about leaving her husband, Ken, at home in Albuquerque, NM. Type II Diabetes had gotten the best of him. “He had no energy, couldn’t concentrate and would forget things frequently.” Wendy had wonderful benefits from Relėv products after treatments for breast cancer left her with chronic fatigue. Ken, in desperation, wondered if the products could somehow help him. Audrey returned home with Relėv Classic and Relėv Innergize! in hand. Within three days of starting the products, Ken saw a dramatic improvement. “He just came alive like his
old self and was fully functioning again,” Audrey says. “Relėv has given my husband and our daughter their lives back and has been the answer to our prayers.” Feeling like she was missing out, Audrey started taking the products, too. Since September she has lost 20 pounds, has more energy and no longer suffers back pain from a long-ago car accident. “We’re so grateful for Relėv,” Audrey says. “We’re in our 60s and thought we had to live with aches and pains, but thanks to Relėv we don’t have to!

Headaches and Migraines Relieved after 40 Years
Having suffered from migraines and daily headaches since the age of 12, Carol Ford of Mansfield, Massachusetts, lived on pain relievers that didn't work. "I had been a single parent for 17 years and worked 60 to 70 hours a week in real estate - my stress levels were extremely high," she says. "When a friend introduced me to Relėv I had no idea how much the products would change my life." "Within a few months on Relėv ClassicŽ nutritional supplement and Relėv Innergize!Ž sports drink, my headaches and migraines were gone," Carol reports. Since then, Relėv FibRestoreŽ, fiber-rich antioxidant supplement, also has given her relief from the severe intestinal problems she endured all her life, and Relėv ProVantageŽ soy-based performance enhancer has eased the effects of menopause and she has been able to discontinue hormone replacement therapy.

Relėv Arthaffect Sets Triathlete on Winning Streak
John Kapovich, Jr. of Downers Grove, IL is living proof of the difference Relėv can make. Last spring, at the insistence of his aunt, Joan Barker of Apopka, FL, John began taking Relėv Arthaffect nutritional supplement. "I was skeptical about how much the product could do for me," John admits. "But, to make my aunt happy, I tried it." College football left John with ongoing knee and joint problems. "I suffered from back pain and couldn't get out of bed in the morning without rolling on the floor first," he says. Once on Relėv Arthaffect, he began to feel great. His joint, back and knee pain disappeared. "Then I ran out of product," John recalls. "Little by little, the aches and pains returned. So I ordered more and got back on track. Immediately, I felt better. It made a believer out of me!" Last October, 40-year-old John went on to win the Clydesdale Division of the Great Floridian Triathlon Competition in Clermont, FL, capping an award-winning season that included 10 competitive events.

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